Applications lab

Our applications lab offers our clients early access to cutting-edge technology that was until now reserved for academic research laboratories. We put our exclusive technology and expertise at the service of your product development.

Biomarker discovery

In combination with LC/IMS separation and MS detection, our IR fingerprinting technology adds a new dimension to the analysis of glycans and metabolites from biological matrices, revealing details about the molecular structure of potential biomarkers with unrivalled precision and sensitivity.

Product characterization

Our high resolution IR fingerprinting technology can identify the glycan and metabolite content of your products for quality-control, batch-to-batch consistency monitoring, and identification of impurities.

Metabolite structural identification

Metabolic pathways generate a multitude of structures that are often challenging to identify. Our IR fingerprints, combined with computational capabilities, provide the needed guidance to identify new structures with minimal need for synthetic standards.

Glycan sequencing

Our innovative IR fingerprinting glycan sequencing workflows allows us to identify O- and N-glycan structures, even when analytical standards do not exist.

Custom database generation

We offer database generation services customized for your applications