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At Isospec Analytics, we use infrared spectroscopy to build the next generation of mass spectrometers, capturing a fingerprint that is a unique identifier of a biological molecule.

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We take the guesswork out of your biomolecular analysis by using unique molecular fingerprints to identify analytes, accelerating the development of biotech products and enabling the discovery of new biomarkers.

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Fingerprint technology | Isospec Analytics

Identify unknown molecules reliably and at scale.

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A robust metric

Bring certainty to your molecular identification

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Accurate predictions

Reference-free identification based on structural predictions

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Without compromise

High detection sensitivity suitable for bioanalytical applications

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Precious insights

Additional information about atomic configuration

By bringing the power of infrared spectroscopy directly inside mass spectrometers, we aim to revolutionize the bioanalytical field, changing the way we determine molecular structure.