Isospec Analytics X MSVision

Determining the structure of isomeric species is one of the most difficult problems in mass spectrometry, which cries out for new dimensions in which to separate and/or discriminate isomers. While ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) provides such a dimension, a collision cross-section alone cannot uniquely characterize a complex molecule.  However, the combination of ion mobility and IR spectroscopy has been demonstrated to be an extremely powerful tool for distinguishing isomers.


MS Vision and Isospec Analytics are thus pleased to announce a strategic partnership to introduce cryogenic IR spectroscopy into existing IMS-MS instruments. MS Vision has recently modified a Waters Synapt instrument, dubbed Photo-Synapt, that allows photodissociation of mobility selected ions. In this new collaboration, they will introduce Isospec’s unique technology for measuring IR spectra of cryogenically cooled ions into existing Synapt instruments, enabling spectroscopic studies of mobility-selected ions. The partnership leverages Isospec’s advanced technology with MS Vision’s experience in modifying existing mass spectrometers.


Dr. Ahmed Ben Faleh, CEO of Isospec Analytics, believes that “Getting this technology into the hands of users will revolutionize the analysis of complex molecules, removing the guesswork from molecular identification.”


Isospec Analytics is a Swiss start-up spun off from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). In addition to serving as a contract research organization that solves challenging problems of molecular identification, they also develop instruments combining cryo-IR and MS. For further information about Isospec, visit or send a message to


MS Vision is a mass spectrometry service provider  based in Almere, The Netherlands, focussed on mass spectrometry instrument service and hardware upgrades/modifications for native mass spectrometry, top-down mass spectrometry and biologics characterization. For more information, visit or send a message to